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Here you can feel the genuineness of Salento. The white dwellings of the actual Southern Italy have lived through millenniums of advancement and shaped the local life models, influencing things, stones, customs and lifestyles.

Therefore, we can boast a varied, enjoyable, breathtaking and folkloristic context. You can attend a number of events, such as the “Canto delle Cicale” (The Cicadas’ song) fair, dance the pizzica (local folk dance) and listen to street musicians between olive trees and red earth. It is an ensemble of sea, rocks, stones and flora that merge in magic backdrops to create the typical local tastes, with restaurants located in ancient convents in the city’s historic centre, hidden down narrow paved lanes.

This is where Felline is, a place where history and mystery intertwine to captivate even the most skeptical or biased tourist, thanks to its charm, or better, its gifts for you. Salento can surprise you with landscapes to admire over and over, with foods to try again and again, with experiences to live more than once and most important to love… forever.

Our town rhymes with history, olive trees and sea. Our land lived through the glorious Magna Graecia and was chosen as privileged place for nymphs-related rituals. They were the female embodiments of Mother Earth’s elements.

This region occupied by the Natural Park of Serre Salentine is considered to be magic and have a particular energy (the 40th parallel crosses Salento). Indeed, the ancients thought the gushes of water, plenty in the valley, were sacred, so they used to celebrate rituals and festivals around them.

If you fancy discovering the Park with us or just having a relaxing holiday, you can bathe in the very clear sea, touched by exotic sandy expanses and cliffs. Or you can take a walk in olive-tree fields, go cycling or hiking in the countryside lanes.
You can eat and drink healthy in close-by restaurants, meet new friends and discover the clubs that brighten the nights, not far from here (Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca are only 15 minutes away by car).


We are in the heart of Salento, between Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca


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